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Asian City Planner Network also known as ACPN is an emerging social platform for spatial, urban, regional, transport and environment planner all around Asian continent.

Asian City Planners Network is a platform for all the Urban Planners, Spatial Planners, and Environmental Planners Under one roof for all the Asian Cities. Asian Cities today are the most diverse and rapidly changing in the world. With the Increase in demand for rapid changes in the society. We aim to create a pool of resources for all the urban planning professionals and students. With the available information about the city and with the available pool of knowledge about the best practices for every aspect. At ACPN we dream to plan for cities that are Inclusive, Sustainable, Safe and Resilient wishing to succeed the SDG Goal 11 in Pan Asia.


At ACPN, we dream to help cities in order to build Inclusive, Sustainable, Safe and Resilient Asia. 

1. Networking Platform for all the professionals, students, civil organisations, and academia,

2. City inventory building in order to create open knowledge hub, and finally

3. I Plan, a unique dashboard based document that a planner aspire to create for helping municipalities for a good governance.

Digital social media

From Founder's Desk:

"Cities today are the most complexly intertwined engineered systems, designed to manage infrastructure around the adequate resources and flow of information"

At ACPN we try to achieve the simpler idea for the effective planning of the public space that we live in today, Trying to follow the dream of making the 'Greater Asia' with inclusive, safer, resilient and sustainable cities to live.

We are a network of students and young professionals who came together and volunteer with self-funds in order to create awareness about our profession called 'Planners' in South Asia.

I call upon all the students to join our drive! #ACPN #KnowPlanning


These are our first 10 target countries, seeing the potential for the development of common data, information, and knowledge these areas are chosen for the first phase of the creating the knowledge hub.



1. Connect with new networks

2. Create a new platform

3. Collect Data

4. Assemble the information

5. Assess truth of the data

6. Publish the knowledge

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Asian City Planners Network 

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